Posted: May 09, 2019 10:07 AMUpdated: May 09, 2019 10:17 AM

BHS Cheer Receives Funds After Test Drive Event

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Garrett Giles

Test driving a new Ford vehicle led to approximately $1,400 in donations this week.

The Doenges Family of Autos participated in the Ford “Drive 4 Ur School” program to raise funds for the Bartlesville High School Cheer Squad.

President and Owner Brad Doenges said there were about 70 people that test drove a vehicle. They mosty impotant thing to him, however, is the fact that they raised funds for the BHS Cheer Squad to use this summer and next school year.

Doenges added that the potential is there to do more during the event.

The Doenges Family of Autos hope it can participate in the event where there are already a ton of people in attendance. The dealerships also hopes to raise more money during the event.

Doenges said they held the Ford "Drive 4 Ur School" event at Bartlesville High School just off of Shawnee Avenue near the tennis courts this year. He said he enjoyed seeing rushes of people throughout the day and he can not wait to participate in the event next year.

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