Posted: May 08, 2019 11:08 AMUpdated: May 08, 2019 12:06 PM

Leadership Bartlesville Planning Cricket Tournament

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Garrett Giles

34 people in the Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce’s 28th Leadership Bartlesville Class graduated from the program Tuesday night. Class President Matt Spence talked about the project his Class looks to put on during Labor Day Weekend.

They will partner with the Bartlesville Cricket Club and put on an Inagural Regional Cricket Tournament. Spence said that Bartlesville has the only Cricket Field in a 600-mile radius. This is located across the way from Lowe's on S.E. Adams Boulevard.

The next closet Cricket Field is in Houston, Texas. Spence said they already have teams from Arkansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas that plan on attending the Inaugural Cricket Tournament in Bartlesville next September.

They expect the event could draw in a quarter of a million dollars.

Spence said they based that on all the friends, families, groups and teams that will spend several days in Bartlesville. Residents in surroundings cities should also make a tremendous impact on the economy.

Spence said they are starting at ground zero for the Inaugural Cricket Tournament in Bartlesville. If you wish to be a sponsor the event or to simply support the effort, you can visit with Matt Spence. He is a State Farm Agent in Bartlesville.

Proceeds from the event will go towards Washington County SPCA.

Spence said they are located in the Floodplain which isn't a great place to be currently with all the rain the area is receiving. They are also in a dilapidated structure and are planning to relocate.

Washington County SPCA has already purchased land south of Bartlesville near Atwoods where they can build a new structure. The Cricket Tournament funds would help them build the facility.

Another portion of the funds raised will be put toward the continuance of the Cricket Tournament beyond this year's tournament.

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