Posted: May 07, 2019 11:59 AMUpdated: May 07, 2019 1:15 PM

United Way Reaches Their 2018 $2.3 Million Goal

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Garrett Giles

Bartlesville Regional United Way met Monday night at the Price Tower Arts Center for an annual meeting.

President and CEO Lisa Cary announced that they successfully reached their $2.3 million goal set in 2018. She said the huge success makes the United Way staff very happy as they are about to provide the funds they want to provide to their 13 partner agencies.

Washington, Nowata and Osage Counties proved to Cary that they wanted to come together and fight.

Last year’s theme was United We Fight United We Win. Cary said that the Bartlesville Regional United Way is winning that fight thanks to the generosity of donors. She said they are getting ready for their next fight.

Curently, the Bartlesville Regional United Way is in their Community Investment Committee process. Cary said that is the 80 to 90 volunteers that review the applications from their 13 partner. She said they tell the Board how much to consider allocating to each organization.

Cary said they then plan on setting their goal in the end of July Board Meeting. They will kick-off their next campaign on the first weekend of September.

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