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Posted: May 06, 2019 9:51 AMUpdated: May 06, 2019 11:23 AM

Commissioners Approve Inter-Local Agreement Monday

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Garrett Giles

An inter-local agreement with the City of Dewey and the Washington County Commissioners was approved on Monday morning.

Chairman Mitch Antle of the Washington County Commissioners said the agreement regards the 2,640 feet of Durham Road used for hauling asphalt during the Deer Creek Project.

He said this is for the first half mile from U.S. Highway 75 to Dewey's City Limits. The area is not a truck route, but the City of Dewey allowed Washington County to haul asphalt in their trucks through the area.

Some damages have occurred. While there is resurfacing for the Deer Creek Project, Chairman Antle said two-inch overlay work will commence on the City of Dewey's existing road for their City Limits to County Road 3980. That being said, Chairman Antle there is one more lift of asphalt coming through for the Deer Creek Project.

Commissioner Mike Bouvier’s crew will pick up the mile between from County Road 3980 to Bison Road for overlay work. Then from Bison and Durham roads south, the work will finish just north of Tuxedo Boulevard.

Also in the Washington County Commissioners’ meeting Monday, an agreement with the Tulsa County Commissioners for Juvenile Detention Services was approved. The Commissioners approved the service at the daily rate of $68.50.

A one-year agreement for temporary staging area with the Public Service Company of Oklahoma was approved. This is for PSO operations at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

Later, the Commissioners approved a C.E.D. Materials request grant application. A request for salary and benefits for Washington County State Election Board Secretary for the month of April 2019 was approved as well.

Another report that was approved was the Washington County Adult Drug Court's monthly report for April. The report came in at $1,755.

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