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Posted: May 03, 2019 12:47 PMUpdated: May 03, 2019 2:08 PM

BHS Physical Altercation Leads to a Temporary Arrest

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Garrett Giles

A brawl involving five Bartlesville High School students leads to the temporary arrest of a parent.

Site Principal LaDonna Chancellor said Friday that the fight between five BHS girls occurred on Tuesday during the lunch hour. She said the parent came to the high school when they were asking the girls why the fight took place.

The parent was not directly involved in the physical altercation, but was disruptive in the BHS Principal's Office. Student Resource Officer Plummer asked the parent to leave several times during the incident in the office.

Additional officers were called as the parent refused multiple times to comply. Principal Chancellor said that the parent was also non-compliant when she was escorted out of the building. When she refused to leave the campus, police placed the parent under arrest.

The parent was then placed in handcuffs for fifteen minutes. Principal Chancellor said the parent became calm and was released. She also said the five students have received the proper disciplines for the fight.

No names or disciplines can be released due to the Family Educational Rights and Protections Act.

A video of the fight did circulate on Snapchat. Chancellor said that that distracted from academic intergrity and that they addressed the matter with high schools students after the fact.

This is just a small portion as to why they will have closed campus lunches next school year.

If the opportunity to go out for lunch would not have been available, Principal Chancellor wonders if the fight would have occurred.

All this time, Chancellor said she has mentioned that unsafe behaviors in general have led Bartlesville High School to close campus lunches next year. She said behaviors like Tuesday's fight or the fact that students can choose to partake in whatever they want wherever they want without adult supervision have been big concerns.

Safety, Chancellor said, is Bartlesville High Schools top priority as always. She encourages you to tell school officials or public safety officials if you know of anything that concerns student safety at any school.

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