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Posted: Apr 26, 2019 1:25 PMUpdated: Apr 26, 2019 1:25 PM

Civitan Club Holds Dedication Ceremony

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Ty Loftis

A dedication ceremony was held Friday afternoon to honor the completion of a pavilion at Civitan Park in Bartlesville. Club President Toni Harjo says this is something the group has been working toward for a long time.

The park itself was built in 2005. One thing the park features is ADA accessible picnic tables, along with the playground equipment.

The pavilion was originally going to cost nearly $31,000 to construct. Urban Haus owner Wayne Callaghan and sub-contractors Ron Griggs, Cramer Concrete, Harrison Drilling, Taggart Electrical and Lance’s Landscape each took a 30-percent discount on their costs to make it more affordable. After the Civitan Club pitched in $10,000, it only cost the city $20,000.

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